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I think there couldn't have been a more perfect title than Asylum: Heaven, Hell and In-between. The con was awesome, frustrasting, stressfull, great, funny, exhausting, sleep depriving ..........

1. THE BEST: meeting friends (I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!)

2. MISHA IS GOD!!! (Believe me the guy will have a religion, cult, people following him etc. soon! Oh, I forgot he already has his minions! Sorry! ;D)

3. MALEK AND GABE I agree with Malek that the one that shall not be named (rhymes with Meric Sripke) should appologize for killing them! These guys are awesome!!!

4. FRED I was impressed how much he cared about the fans! He's such a sweet guy!

5. THE CON OF RANDOMNESS I was suprised how many random questions were asked and how it didn't effect the panels cause I enjoyed them all! Some more, some less!

6. THE STAFF worked so hard and tried to do their best! At times I felt sorry for them cause the way certain things were organized just screamed more and more unnessary work for them! the biggest problem was certainly the lack of communication! the weekend would have been so much less stressfull for THEM and us if there would have been somebody who spread the most important infos! A lot of times frustrated staff and frustrated fans were kept at the some information level!!!!!

7. JENSEN AND JARED: meeting these two guys in person was awesome and to a certain point surreal! Especially cause I first saw them during the J2 photo!

8. MATT COHEN was unbelievable awesome and cute! I wish him all the best for his career!

9. AMY was adorable, adorable, adorable!!!

10. QUEUING The entire weekend could be described as one giant queue! It was great cause you could talk to a lot of different people to pass the time! It was terrible cause there was a queue for EVERYTHING! I think people even woke up at night and started to queue just to be prepared for the next day!

11. FOOD totally overrated, this con proved that I could survive with Supernatural and air alone! Muhaha!!!

12. LOST AND FOUND ...... no comment until I've calmed down a little .........

13. THE WINNER OF THE VIDEO COMPETITION was awesome! (i'm bad to the bone, gummi bears, mr. lover the moment my absolute favorite spn video)

That's all for now, there is much more but my sleep deprived brain has trouble remembering more details!

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