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Supernatural Season 5 wishlist

After watching the amazing finale I came up with this little wishlist for Supernatural season 5:

1. An episode with Castiel winning a fight
2. Another Trickster episode
3. An episode about the headless horseman
4. An episode with the Ghostfacers (the return of angel Corbett)
5. Many episodes with Bobby
6. Many episodes with Castiel
7. Many episodes with Classic Rock
8. An episode with Jeffrey Dean Morgan
9. An episode where sombody is killed in a fish tank
10. An episode with Pamela
11. An episode with Adam
12. An episode with the Weechesters (Colin Ford, Ridge Canipe)
13. An episode with the other Archangels (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael)
14. Another AC/DC song for the season opener
15. A SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
(Not having a score soundtrack of Lennertz's and Gruska's awesome work after 4 amazing seasons is just plain EVIL! )
16. Sam and Dean making fun of the new Terminator movie
17. More episodes with Cas and Anna
18. More episodes with the awesome Chuck
19. A ghost that decided to haunt the Impala
20. The return of Meg
21. An episode about the origin/meaning of Dean's necklace and ring
22. An episode with Evil or Possessed Sam

I'm so curious what the writers will do next year!

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I agree with all of these so hard! Especially the soundtrack and the AC/DC season opener!

But of all of them, um, an episode were someone is killed in a fishtank?! Would you care to elaborate on that???

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I am a big horror fan and in the Austrian horror film "You're dead in three days" they killed somebody in a fish tank. Looked very gory! Just perfect for Kripke! ; D

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Ummm....yeah, no. I can totally live without Pamela and Anna. Never really got what the big deal about them was. And the episode with JDM would be a lot of sitting in an empty room, cause after they've paid him there won't be any budget left. ;)

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It's just my own personal wishlist for season 5. I liked Pam and Anna and would be happy to see them again but what would your list look like?

I sooo wouldn't mind just watching JDM do nothing! I would love it!!! ;D

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Ah, Claudia you forgot the most important 3 Episodes:
1. Dean taking a shower
2. Sam taking a shower
3. Castiel changing into something tighter fitting... after taking a shower
Of course it could all be fitted into one episode :D ;)
(deleted comment)

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ha ha ha! No, I would prefer an Andy-Henriksen spin-off or a Malik-Gabe sitcom! ;D

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Shame on me! Lol

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Thank you, nice job! This was the stuff I had to have.